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Family - Fireworks - Freedom

About Us

Our Story:

Having a love for fireworks and entrepreneurship our local St. Augustine owners started in 2008 and officially opened their store on SR 16 in 2009.  At Extreme Fireworks we pride ourselves in our product and our product knowledge! We order from multiple different companies and factories to ensure that we have the best and safest product around! 

Our Staff:

Being we are family owned and operated, we don't have "seasonal workers" that don't know their stuff... We've been doing this for a long time and are all integrated throughout the entire company, product ordering, and distribution therefore making our product knowledge the best around!  We know which products compliment each other and which products work best for specific shows and budgets.

Our Store:

Our customers come first!  There are no long waiting lines and our customers are family.  At Extreme Fireworks, we take pride in our product, and we have TVs throughout our entire store showing videos of exactly what it does, that way you know exactly what you're purchasing!

Our Philosophy:

Don't fall for the Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) gimmick!.... It's a long time sales tactic to push double the product at a higher price. At Extreme Fireworks you aren’t obligated to buy two products AND you SAVE MONEY! If your budget is $100 you should be able to buy what you want, so at Extreme Fireworks we've made you and your budget our top priority so you buy the best products and are cost effective and budget friendly in the process. ALSO, most big name stores don't do BOGO during the "holiday weeks" (July 1st-July 4th & December 29th-December 31st) so they literally are double our prices!

Get the best BANG for your Buck